Your car is vital to everyday life.

It transports you to where you need to be, giving you freedom and mobility. To keep it running properly, and to ensure the safety of you and your passengers, it is crucial that you bring your car in for repair when needed. Every vehicle has different needs, depending on past use and driving conditions. At Burbank Auto Doctor maintenance center, we offer a number of repair services that can help you get the most out of your engine performance.



Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you get your vehicle running perfectly.

Our experienced, professional technicians understand every car repair, and every customer is different from the last and we strive to redefine what servicing your vehicle means to you.

We keep a repair & maintenance history of every vehicle, plus, we offer suggested maintenance based on vehicle manufacturer guidelines. Regardless of where it was built, we will service your car or truck and still maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

Your auto occasionally may require more than a tune-up. After inspecting your vehicle, our technicians may recommend other services for your safety and the health of your vehicle.




> Diagnostics
> Fuel Pump
> Crank Case Vent Filters
> Vapor Canister Filters
> PCV Valves
> Ignition Wires
> Ignition Module
> Emissions
> Engine Sensors Including Oxygen Sensor
> Coil Packs
> Distributor Cap & Rotor


Auto Repair From The Experts:

Our mechanics understand your vehicle and all it’s technological systems.

They know you want to feel as good about your vehicle today, as you did the day you bought it. At Burbank Auto Doctor truck and car repair shop, we strive to offer the best service available.

When You Come To Us For Repair Or Service:


You can expect our associates to:

> Meet and greet you with enthusiasm
> Clearly understand your service request
> Supply you with a copy of your vehicle’s original equipment maintenance schedule
> Give you a clear explanation and estimate of the auto repair services that is matched to the symptoms you describe
> Provide a clear explanation and estimate of the steps needed to repair your vehicle properly
> Provide you with fast, expert car repair service
> Ensure your vehicle is ready when promised

We are the Complete Auto Care experts:


With 40 plus years of service experience:

We have the knowledge to keep every system in your automobile running newer, longer and stronger. You need mechanics you can trust when you face engine failure, a dead battery or starter, overheating, brake failure or frequent stalling. Burbank Auto Doctor has what it takes to keep you rolling — long after you’ve left the car lot.

When a system isn’t working properly or a worn out part needs replacement, you’ll save time and money by bringing your car in for service. After all, the value of your car is determined by how you care for it. Call us if you need advice, and make an appointment at Burbank Auto Doctor Complete Auto Care.

With our Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection, you get a thorough assessment of your vehicle by trained experts and they’ll let you know if any repairs are necessary. So protect yourself and your automotive investment with a comprehensive Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection at Burbank Auto Doctor today!