Engine Cooling System Service & Radiator Repair.

Your engine’s moving parts create some serious friction as you drive. And serious friction generates serious heat. Your car’s cooling system pumps coolant (a mix of water and antifreeze) through the engine chambers to absorb excess heat. Your radiator removes that excess heat, so that the coolant can keep circulating. This process keeps temperatures at safe levels, and it protects your engine and transmission from damage. A well-maintained cooling system is key to keeping your car running newer, stronger and longer.


In California, overheating is the most common cause of automobile breakdowns on the road. This is worth noting because overheating can cause severe damage to both your engine and the transmission. That’s why Maintaining your vehicle’s radiator, fluids, and cooling system, is essential to keeping you cruising down the road and arriving at your destination on time.

Coolant (anti-freeze) protects your engine from overheating and from freezing. But did you know overtime your engines coolant’s effectiveness can diminish and lose many of its protective qualities causing your radiator to rust and corrode. The cooling system itself can get clogged with built-up deposits from hose decomposition, grease, scale, oil, and other materials.

Most of you know it’s recommended that a vehicle’s oil should be changed at regular intervals. But do you know the proper intervals for changing your other vehicles vital fluids.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s owner manual to see the recommended interval for changing the coolant in your vehicle, or just give us a call.


However, you’ll want to come to Burbank Auto Doctor now if your car has any of the following symptoms:

> Your coolant or temperature light comes on
> Your heater does not work
> Your temperature gauge reads higher or lower than normal
> Your vehicle has recently overheated

Visit Burbank Auto Doctor for a Cooling System Service and get a 19-point Inspection performed on your vehicle at no additional cost.


Radiator, Thermostat and Heater Services

Our certified mechanics at Burbank Auto Doctor have years of experience in working with thermostats and the complete cooling system including radiator repair. Due to your cooling system’s critical impact on proper transmission operation.


The following signs could indicate your vehicle needs service or repairs to the cooling system:

> The vehicle is running hot or overheating
> Leaking of a green fluid
> Belts or hoses that have not been replaced during the past 4 years.


Your Burbank Auto Doctor center can repair or replace any of the following components of the cooling system:

> Radiator, radiator cap, radiator hoses and radiator fan or fan clutch
> Thermostats
> Water pumps
> Fan belts and serpentine belts
> Temperature sensors
> Heater cores and hoses