What is the best day to get an oil change?

At Burbank Auto Doctor any day Is a good day. But we have noticed, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the easiest days to get in and out fairly quickly. Now that we’ve mentioned it here, maybe they will become the most popular days for oil changes at your Burbank Auto Doctor. The truth is, we’re always glad to see you on whatever day best fits into your schedule.

Schedule an oil change for any day, Monday through Saturday.


Do I need an appointment to get an oil change?

Of course not! However, we know how you hate to wait. So for your convenience you may want to make an appointment, which will give you the benefit of having your car serviced on your schedule!

Unfortunately, even though we can change your oil on a whim, we can’t always guarantee you’ll be serviced on the spot. Some days are busier than others — how fast you get in depends on how many customers arrived before you. However, we can give you a heads up beforehand, just give us a call.

Appointment or not, you’ll receive the outstanding service that we’re famous for, and the same high level of attention and care we provide to each and every vehicle we service.

Have your oil changed at your convenience by making an appointment today.


What is included with an oil change?

Quite a number of things are included. We’re not one of those quickie oil change shops that just perform oil changes as fast as possible. We really appreciate your business. So, as a “Thank You”, we give you a free 19 point vehicle inspection so you can avoid future problems.

All our oil change services include:

> Installation of up to 5 quarts of motor oil
> Installation of new filter
> lubricating chassis (if necessary)


Our free 19 point inspection which includes inspection of:

> wiper blades
> head, tail and mini lights
> air filter
> fluid levels
> belts and hoses
> battery
> tires

Schedule an oil change today.

Why does Burbank Auto Doctor recommend other services, when I want just an oil change?

You have our promise — we will never recommend anything that we wouldn’t recommend to a friend or family member. We care about you and your automobile! We are real mechanics who love what we do. We show this by paying attention to the little things that can cause big problems, if not attended to. That includes the worn parts that typically go unnoticed and undetected at a quickie oil change shop.

We’ll offer you a free courtesy 19 point inspection.

The inspection is designed to just detect the obvious signs of wear and tear. It’s a simple and convenient way to take care of the services you need while you are here, instead of requiring you to schedule another appointment and come back. A more comprehensive inspection is available as well.

We care about your car, but most importantly we care about you! So we will keep tabs on your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance to help keep your vehicle maintained and running smoothly.


Does Burbank Auto Doctor Complete Auto Care use a quality oil filter?

Our oil filters are premium quality filters based on vehicle manufacturers specifications. We only use trusted well established manufacturers of oil filters. Our requirements for oil filters not only meet, but typically exceed original equipment requirements for fit, function, and quality construction. They’re the very same filters that we use in our company and personal vehicles.


Does Burbank Auto Doctor charge for oil filter disposal?

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t, even though California mandates disposal of oil in certain ecological ways. We’re a big advocate of protecting the environment by providing an oil filter disposal service everyone can count on at no cost to you, all in the name of providing our customers with top quality service and doing our part to protect the environment.


What do we do with used oil?

At Burbank Auto Doctor, your used oil goes on to have a second life. After properly recycling your oil with our vendors, it’s given a second life as fuels and lubricants.

Please understand, used oil isn’t useless oil. It just takes the right engineers to refine and reuse the oil components. It means less oil being pulled out of the ground and a lesser impact on our environment.


What is this sticker?

We have some customers who have been driving their vehicles hundreds of thousands of miles here in Burbank, and they’re still running great! Sticking to a scheduled oil change schedule is a major contributing factor for a vehicle to run that many miles.

That’s the reason a sticker is placed on your windshield, telling you to come back to Burbank Auto Doctor in 3 months or 3,000 miles.

In some cases, you can operate past 3,000 miles on your current oil if your car manufacturer states a longer oil change interval. Check your owner’s manual to learn more about your particular vehicle’s oil specifications.


Does getting an oil change with Burbank Auto Doctor void my vehicle’s warranty coverage?

No. Who told you that nonsense?!
As long as you’re using the manufacturer recommended oil grade (i.e. 5W20), and get oil changes on schedule, you’re good to go. Just be sure to save your receipts for the oil change.


How can I save on an oil change?

The Oil Pressure Warning Light: Is Not to be ignored

The low oil pressure warning light alerts the driver when a potentially catastrophic event is taking place. Every engine needs a minimum amount of oil pressure in order to function. An engine has dozens of precision metallic parts, revolving thousands of times per minute. All of these parts need to be constantly bathed in a pressurized shower of oil. Some actually need to be held in place by a pressurized ring of oil, so they never actually touch and just float in what is termed a “hydraulic lock.”