Your driving home and out of nowhere a dog darts into traffic.

A ball rolls into the street.­ Or a car runs a stop sign right in front of you.­ It’s true you never know when you’re going to need your breaks. For situations like these and a million others people like you count on Burbank Auto Doctor brake repair to make sure they can make that stop.­ And that’s no accident.

Whenever you think you need your brakes repaired or just looked at, we’re here for you! We can make sure that your brakes are up to par and ready to serve you when you need them. The professional and knowledgeable Burbank Auto Doctor understands every inch of any braking system, ensuring that you can stop safely when you need to.

Your vehicle’s breaking system is an essential safety feature for your car, truck or SUV. Yearly inspections and proper maintenance are important in order to ensure you and your passengers safety.

It starts with a FREE inspection at your Burbank Auto Doctor service center. Your expert technician will examine the entire braking system pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, rotor/drum wear, calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hardware, hoses and lines, master cylinder, and the anti-lock system for vehicles so equipped.

All of our brake products come with a limited warranty and quality assurance, so you can get the best product possible and stop with confidence.

If you notice any of the signs of possible brake failure squealing, grinding, other unusual noise when you apply the brakes, a brake pedal that can be depressed nearly to the floor, a brake warning light that stays lit, then have your brake system checked out as soon as possible.

Remember, regular brake inspections should be part of your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance, helping to ensure its safety and reliability.­


It’s time to bring your car into Burbank Auto Doctor if:

> Your brakes require extreme pressure to make brake function.
> Your car pulls to one side when brakes are applied.
> Your brakes are sticking, the wheels are hot, or your engine seems to have lost power.
> You have “Touchy” brakes that grab with the least pressure.
> The brake pedal nearly touches the floorboard before brakes function.
> Your brakes are making a squealing, screeching, or grinding noise.
> Your brake pedal, steering wheel or entire vehicle shakes, vibrates or pulsates when brakes are applied.


Our FREE inspection uncovers any wear, damage, or problems.

The Burbank Auto Doctor Brake System Service includes:

> Old brake fluid is replaced with fresh fluid
> Wheel bearings repacked as needed
> Replacement of other components based on findings of inspection
> Worn pads and shoes replaced
> Lubrication for specified components
> Adjust parking brake
> Rotor and drum resurfacing (may need replacement if wear is excessive)
> Road test to ensure the entire braking system is operating properly
Brake Maintenance & Service

When it’s time for vehicle maintenance, head to Burbank Auto Doctor….