Driving a New Car is a priveledge, and Very Exciting.

Of course, it will lose its new car shine, new car smell and new car reliability over time. Taking care of your new sedan, new truck, new SUV, new convertible, new or other new vehicle is about more than oil changes and tire rotation.

Many new car owners are also misinformed about who can perform the scheduled maintenance and services. They may be under the impression that they must take their car back to the place of purchase or to a dealer of the car’s manufacturer. This could not be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, the law protects you from being forced to take your car to the dealer for routine scheduled maintenance work.

There are several basic truths throughout the world of mathematics.

Two plus two always equals four, and so on. The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is represented by the Greek letter Pi. And, it’s almost always cheaper in the end to keep up on your car maintenance properly instead of investing in major car repair bills or, in a worst case scenario, a new vehicle.

Not only does such affordable maintenance help to steer you clear of expensive major repairs, but such forethought protects you against every motorist’s nightmare – a breakdown on a busy California freeway or during a long trip several miles from civilization.

Whether you own a Toyota, a Honda, a Ford, or a VW, your car has a manufacturer’s automotive maintenance schedule and recommendations as to what has to be done at each mileage milestone. Your vehicle needs to be serviced at regular intervals as scheduled maintenance is essential to keeping your car road worthy. The scheduled services will save you time and money in the long run by keeping your car from breaking down when you aren’t expecting it. Burbank Auto Doctor Automotive can provide you with a maintenance service schedule that will keep your vehicle running longer and healthier.


Burbank Auto Doctor offers many types of new car maintenance.

Routine services get expensive at dealerships. Read on for some tips about new car maintenance that could mean the difference between a few hundred dollars on maintenance, as opposed to a few thousand dollars on repairs or replacements.

First, Burbank Auto Doctor will inspect and diagnose your car or truck and inform you of how well it is operating. Most vehicles will require a belt replacement, new spark plugs and wires and air filters every few years. On older vehicles, we may need to replace other operating components like distributors or carburetors. If we detect failure of any of the parts of your vehicle during our diagnostic check, we’ll recommend replacement.


New car maintenance schedule basics

You can help your vehicle run smoothly and improve your fuel economy with regular engine maintenance. Routine maintenance and simple services can help you avoid costly repairs and greatly reduce the cost of car ownership.

Sticking to a schedule is often the key to successful maintenance. This is true when addressing dental health, physical health and more. It is also very true for the health of your car. Consider that most vehicle manufacturers agree on the following scheduled maintenance plans:

> Oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles
> Tire rotation every 5,000 t0 10,000 miles
> Transmission fluid flush every 30,000 miles
> Alignment and timing belt adjustment every 60,000 miles

These are examples of basic new car maintenance. Several more complex services, from cleaning the throttle body to electronic and diagnostic checkups should also be a part of your maintenance plan.

Specific areas of your new car maintenance plan

Most drivers will miss a checkup or two along the way. This is not automatic doom for your car, but it does increase the risk of a costly repair. Think about the various components your new car relies on to run that will wear down over time:

> Alignment
> Auto Body
> Brakes
> Fluids
> Suspension
> Timing Belts
> Transmission

They all wear down at their own pace. In other words, it is up to you to make sure they all get ongoing care that will lead to the best performance your car can offer.
Some dealerships rely on scare tactics

Most drivers are very happy when they buy a new car. Sales people rely on that excitement to rope buyers into protection they might not need, but are too excited to think all the way through. Dealerships claim to offer exclusive repairs, but the truth is that if one garage can fix it, so can another.

Burbank Auto Doctor new car maintenance experts. In other words, we know how to fix a car just as well as a dealership and we’ve been doing it for 25+ years. The key difference is that our team wants to keep you on the road, not keep you coming back for the same exact repairs. The Burbank Auto Doctor experts make regular vehicle maintenance as convenient and simple as possible.